Healing Stone Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions


Healing Stone gift vouchers, unless otherwise specified, are spa specific. That is a voucher purchased for the Paddington spa can only be used at the Paddington spa. Likewise, a voucher purchased at the Emporium spa can only be redeemed at the Emporium spa.

A spa specific voucher may, under special circumstances, be redeemed at another Healing Stone spa subject to agreement by the host spa manager. Please contact the host spa manager for details.

The Paddington Spa is a women’s only facility and will only accept female voucher holders.

Voucher Term

Spa prices, service offerings and even locations change overtime for that reason all Healing Stone vouchers, and the packaged offerings are only valid for one year from date of purchase.

Under special circumstances the voucher expiry date may be extended. A voucher extension must be requested prior to the expiry of the voucher. Extended vouchers may be subject to changes in the type of service offering and price.

If purchased for a seasonal special, the special pricing will only apply while the special is active. Once the special has ended, the voucher holder may still redeem their voucher for any other package to the equivalent value of the voucher within one year from date of purchase.

Please ensure you give yourself plenty of time to book your service.

Redeeming A Voucher

Vouchers, unless otherwise specified, are single user, single use certificates and cannot be exchange in part or in whole for cash.

A voucher for a specific service or package may be redeemed for another equivalent package or service however this must be arranged with the host spa manager prior to booking.

Cancellation Policy

Please understand that appointment times are limited. Bookings are usually secured with credit card details. For voucher holders that is not necessary however, if the appointment must be cancelled, we respectfully request 24 hours’ notice. Missed appointments, or appointments cancelled without 24 hours’ notice, may render the voucher null and void.

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